Bonded Bliss: Stepsister and Stepbro's Sinful Rendezvous

My stepdad has a big cock and he loves fucking his teenage stepdaughter in every position possible. He's always been my secret fantasy, and now that I turned 18, we can finally indulge in our desire for each other. One day, when I was home alone, he walked in on me while I was changing clothes. He couldn't help but stare at my small tits and my skinny body. He told me that I looked so hot in those tight yoga pants. I couldn't believe it; my stepdad was hitting on me! But I didn't resist. Instead, I invited him to join me in the living room, where we started kissing passionately. Soon enough, our hands found their way to each other's pants, and we started touching ourselves through our clothes. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me so bad, but we had to be careful because my mom could come home any minute now. But I didn't care; all I wanted was his big cock inside of me. So, we decided to have sex right there on the couch, with me facing away from him in doggy style position. He lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties, revealing my smooth pussy. Then he slid his massive dick into me, filling me up completely. I moaned loudly as he thrust deeper and harder into me. He gripped onto my small tits while fucking me, making sure to rub my nipples against his rough palms. As we continued fucking, we heard the front door open, but it was just my mom coming home early from work. She must have seen us through the window because she didn't say anything and went straight to her room. We were lucky that day, but we knew that we had to be more careful next time. But for now, we enjoyed every moment of our secret affair, knowing that no one else would ever know about our passion for each other.
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