Step Daughter's Sensual Gift For Step Dad On Father's Day

Emily Willis, a petite hottie with small tits and a big smile, had a secret stepdad fantasy. Her stepdad was tall, muscular, and hung like a horse - he had a huge cock that could make any girl cum in her mouth. One day, she decided to fulfill her fantasy by seducing him while they were alone at the gym. As they worked out together, Emily couldn't help but stare at his big dick bulging through his workout pants. She knew she had to have it, so she invited him into the locker room for a private session. Her stepdad was shocked but excited by her advances - he had always noticed how sexy Emily was and had fantasized about her too. They began passionately kissing as they felt each other's bodies through their workout clothes. Emily unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock, it was even bigger than she imagined. She went down on him, sucking his hard dick until he was ready to explode. He picked her up and fucked her hard against the locker room wall - their moans echoed throughout the empty gym. They continued to fuck passionately, with Emily riding him reverse cowgirl so he could see her small tits bounce with each thrust. Finally, they cummed together, their bodies dripping with sweat and satisfaction. Emily knew that this was just the beginning of their stepdad/stepdaughter sex fantasy - she couldn't wait to explore all the other ways they could fulfill each other's desires.
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