Stepdaughter and Stepdad: Sensual Sleepover Seduction

My stepdad has a massive big-cock and I've always had a dadcrush on him since the day he moved in. He's been so patient with me, but deep down I want to feel his bigcock inside of me. One night, as my stepdad was watching TV, I slipped into my tiny smalltit sleepwear and put on some seductive lingerie. As I walked by him, he couldn't help but glance at my little body. His eyes grew wide with desire as he noticed the outline of my hard nipples pressing against my tight top. My stepdad cleared his throat and called me over. He asked if everything was okay and I replied that I just needed some advice on a school project. As we sat down together, I felt his bigcock twitching in his pants. It was so big that it looked like it could burst through his zipper at any moment. My stepdad leaned forward and whispered, "You know you can always come to me if you need anything." He winked and I knew right then and there that he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. That night, we shared an intimate moment in my bedroom. He held my smalltit body close as his bigcock pushed deep inside of me. It was the most amazing feeling ever. We were both so turned on that we couldn't help but moan with pleasure as we fucked like rabbits. My stepdad's bigcock filled me up and I could feel him pulsating as he released his hot cum deep inside of me. It was a night neither of us would ever forget.
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