Wild Family Temptations: Teen Stepdaughter and Stepdad's Forbidden Passion

My stepdaughter and I have always had a special bond since she moved in with us. As we grew closer over the months, I couldn't help but notice how mature and alluring she was becoming. Her big tits would often spill out of her tight shirts, and my cock would immediately spring to life at the sight of them.
One day, as we were alone in the house, I finally gave into temptation and approached her with a suggestion to have some fun together. To my surprise, she eagerly agreed and led me to her room. She started by giving me an incredible blowjob, deepthroating my big dick until she gagged. Then, we moved on to harder, rougher sex, with me pounding her tight pussy from behind as she screamed in pleasure.
After a long, intense session, I pulled out and covered her face in cum-inside-pussy, leaving a trail of sticky white goo down her thighs. As she licked it up, we both knew that this was just the beginning of our wild stepfamily adventures.
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